Getting sick is usually a lot more common than getting injured. Colds, the flu and ear infections happen all the time, and you are probably familiar with how to treat them. It might not be the same situation when you get hurt! Minor injuries like bruises and scrapes are relatively easy to deal with, but what if you slip and fall or trip over something in your house and are left with a searing pain in your wrist or ankle? Read on →

If you are a parent or a caregiver, you know that the key to success lies in your routine. Having a predictable schedule of work, school, sports and bedtime can help you tackle each day and week with confidence. As you work through your week, it can be easy to forget about your own needs and well-being, but try not to let that happen! Taking time for yourself is crucial to your overall health and even the health of your family. Read on →

Are you a die-hard summer fan? We love this weather, too! The warm temperatures and bright sunshine can easily put you in a better mood. There are also so many fun activities to keep the whole family busy outside all season. But even though the sun is out and it’s time to enjoy the weather, you need to take precautions whenever you are exposed to the sun. A sunburn is never a good thing, and it can cause irreparable harm to your skin and your health over your lifetime. Read on →

You never want to see your kids not feeling well. It can be a stressful and even scary experience for your child to be in pain or be sick! One of the more common reasons for why your child might be ill is due to some kind of infection. While a salmonella infection isn’t as common as some other types of infections, it is still a possibility. Salmonella infections are caused by consuming contaminated food or water, so most of the time you don’t know you are exposing yourself to the bacteria until it is too late. Read on →

Spring is here, and we are so glad to welcome it! After an interesting winter, the warmer weather and sunny days are a happy change. But those with seasonal allergies may not be as excited about the new season. While seasonal allergies aren’t life-threatening, they can still be really annoying! Our AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte team explains how to help manage your allergy symptoms this year, so check it out below. Read on →

Experiencing pain anywhere on your body is always unpleasant! It can make it hard to get through your day and accomplish your regular everyday routine. This is especially true when you are experiencing ear pain. There are many reasons why your ear might be hurting you! Allergies, sinus infections and even tooth troubles could result in ear pain. In addition, ear infections are also a common reason for ear pain. Read on →

Our community has certainly gone through a lot during the course of the pandemic. Almost every industry had to change up how things ran in order to stay afloat or provide a service, and the healthcare industry was no different. But we persevered, and we are about to experience the expiration of the pandemic’s emergency status in May. This will bring about some changes across the country, including some aspects of telemedicine. Read on →

If you have ever had a visit with a medical provider, chances are that he or she asked you how many hours of sleep you get each night. Your doctors aren’t just asking out of curiosity! Getting quality sleep at night is crucial to your mental and physical health. Over time, sleep deprivation can be detrimental to your body and can leave you at a higher risk of serious diseases. Read on →

If your child comes home from school or daycare with an emerging cough, it is best to keep an eye on it. There are many different illnesses that can start with a cough, including upper respiratory illnesses like bronchitis or pneumonia. It is possible for anyone to contract these two infections, but it can be particularly dangerous for children to experience them. Our AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte team lays out the details regarding bronchitis and pneumonia in children below, so keep reading. Read on →

The winter season can affect us all differently. While some people embrace the colder temperatures and coziness inside their homes, others can struggle with the change in environment. It is especially common to experience periods of sadness or loneliness after the holidays are over. While being sad on occasion is a common part of life, persistent negative feelings can indicate that something is going on that needs to be investigated. Read on →