Can a Fracture Be Diagnosed at AFC?

Getting sick is usually a lot more common than getting injured. Colds, the flu and ear infections happen all the time, and you are probably familiar with how to treat them. It might not be the same situation when you get hurt!

Minor injuries like bruises and scrapes are relatively easy to deal with, but what if you slip and fall or trip over something in your house and are left with a searing pain in your wrist or ankle? While it might just be a sprain or strain, it could be something more serious like a broken bone.

Our AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte team can help diagnose your fracture! Read on to learn more about our X-ray process below.

Why Do Bones Partially Fracture Instead of Completely Breaking?

Our bones have such an important role in our lives, so they need to be strong enough to support us through our days and protect our organs. This strength is crucial to avoiding injuries on a daily basis, and they can even withstand moderate impacts and falls without much worry.

However, bones aren’t indestructible and will suffer fractures or breaks if enough force is exerted on them. If the force is strong enough, the bone will snap under the pressure. But remember, our bones are tough! If the impact isn’t strong enough to completely break your bone, a crack could appear as it starts to give way. Pain at the injury site, swelling or a visual deformity should prompt you to come see us right away.

Four Common Fracture Sites

  • Wrists
  • Ankles
  • Hips
  • Clavicle (collarbone)

How Can AFC Diagnose Fractures?

With a simple X-ray, of course! We have the state-of-the-art digital X-ray technology at our center to help us diagnose you faster and more accurately. This type of X-ray is uploaded onto our computer rather than developed on film. This digital image is able to be blown up, zoomed in on and frozen so we can get a clearer picture of what is causing your pain.

A regular bone will show up white in an X-ray, while a fracture or break will show as a dark space on your bone. If we determine that your injury is a fracture, we can discuss the best treatment strategy so it heals quickly and properly. A full recovery is on the horizon for you!

Why an X-ray Is Important

  • Fast diagnosis
  • Clear and precise images
  • Quick turnaround
  • Faster healing

Our X-ray technology can help you feel better faster. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte for an X-ray today.