How Can I Manage My Child's Allergies and Asthma?

Even in the midst of the global pandemic, another allergy season is right around the corner. Allergies are a pain enough to worry about when they’re just affecting you, but when they start causing discomfort for your children, it’s a whole different thing.

Read on as AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte provides some information that will hopefully set your mind at ease and help you know how to help your child feel better.

How Do I Control My Child’s Asthma?

There are a few different avenues of care that you can take, but having a solid grip on your child’s asthma symptoms is increasingly important this year because of its overlap in symptoms with COVID-19.

Experts say that if you are noticing symptoms more than two times a week of coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath, or you’re needing to use your rescue inhaler frequently, having a better medication and maybe changing the child’s diet are two solid answers to those problems. Also, if your child is attending school in person, make sure that his or her school has a plan in place if someone were to have an asthma attack.

Asthma Symptoms

  • Shortness of breath
  • Chest tightness
  • Wheezing when exhaling
  • Trouble sleeping caused by shortness of breath or coughing

How Do I Control My Child’s Allergies?

Allergies are frustrating for adults, and sometimes they can be even worse for kids. Again, if your child is going to school in person, knowing how to maintain allergy symptoms is of high importance.

If your child’s nose is always stuffy and his or her eyes are constantly itchy, experts typically recommend antihistamines to help fight off allergens. Making sure your child is staying adequately hydrated is also a huge proponent to help fight off allergy symptoms.

Ways to Fight Off Allergies

  • Frequently wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.
  • Take allergy medication if advised by a doctor.
  • Eat healthy foods that are rich in vitamins.
  • Limit time outside.
  • Keep doors and windows closed.

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