Is Listening to Music Good for My Brain?

Absolutely! Many of us are aware of the power that good music has on our moods, but music is even more powerful than just being a mood booster.

Our team at AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte highlights the many benefits that music has on overall health below.

What Does Music Do to My Brain?

According to a study done by The Burnett Honors College, music positively impacts brain function and human behavior by reducing stress, pain and symptoms of depression, as well as improving cognitive and motor skills.

Studies also show that music positively impacts those diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Usually, in late stages of these diseases, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients are unresponsive. When music is introduced into their headphones, however, the feelings of nostalgia and remembrance that music provides garners an obvious and hopeful response.

More Mental Benefits of Music

  • Can ease depression and anxiety
  • Can help you eat less
  • Can improve your memory
  • Can help you sleep better
  • Can help you feel more motivated when working out

Are Certain Genres Better for My Brain?

Not necessarily. Many researchers initially thought that classical music was best for boosting mental health, but recent studies have shown that any type of music that is tied to childhood memories will do the brain a lot of good.

In regards to quality, listen to whatever you enjoy! No matter the genre, listening to music that evokes a positive response is the best to consume on a regular basis.

More Impacts of Music on the Brain

  • Can change your ability to perceive time
  • Makes you a better communicator
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Evokes memories

AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte whole-heartedly believes in the power that music has on the brain! If you are feeling under the weather, however, don’t hesitate to visit our top-notch medical team today.