Is My Child’s Back Pain Related to Sciatica?

Anyone can experience back pain! Just like adults, children are susceptible to injury or twinges from time to time. While sciatica is not as common in children, it still happens and can be incredibly painful.

Since it is not as common in children, it is actually often misdiagnosed. Learning more about the condition can help you advocate for your child if he or she complains of pain to you. Our AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte team tells you what to look out for below.

What Does Sciatica Pain Feel Like?

Pain from sciatica comes from compression on the sciatic nerve in some way. The compression or irritation produces a burning, shooting pain from the lower back and down one leg. It can be minor or it can be intense, like an electric shock or jolt. It can be made worse when moving or bending over.

Thankfully, most flare-ups of sciatica tend to go away on their own after a week or two, but in the meantime, your child could experience significant discomfort and pain. Keep an eye out for other symptoms as well.

Additional Sciatica Symptoms

  • “Pins and needles” feelings in legs
  • Pain that worsens with movement or bending
  • Weakness in the lower back

Can I Do Anything to Help Reduce My Child’s Back Pain?

Yes! While the condition will eventually resolve, you can help manage pain with a combination of rest, ice/heat, and anti-inflammatory medications.

You should also encourage gentle exercises and stretching to help relieve some of the pressure and compression. After his or her case has resolved, ensuring your child is incorporating healthy habits, like a proper diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise, can help support overall body health.

When Medical Attention Is Necessary

  • You have sudden and severe pain in your low back
  • The pain follows a violent injury, like a car accident
  • You can no longer control your bladder or bowels

If you are struggling with symptoms of sciatica or they have persisted for a week or longer, come see us at AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte!