This Is How Our Team Is Different Than Other Urgent Care Centers

It takes a special kind of person to be able to provide quality medical care and to make their patients feel comfortable—our AFC center is full of those kinds of medical providers.

Not only do we provide care that’s affordable and convenient, but our team is full of providers who care deeply for their patients. Read on to learn more about our AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte team.

  • For non-emergency care, visit our AFC team instead of the ER. Going to the ER feels like a waste of time and money when it comes to needing non-emergency care. We get that going there can feel like the only option to some, but it doesn’t have to be! Our medical providers are equipped with the expertise it takes to keep you out of the ER, so if you need general care, visit us!

  • We refer you to local specialists instead of sending you through the hospital system. It might sound less convenient to be referred to a specialist, but it actually isn’t! Our AFC team has a great relationship with all kinds of local specialists, including places like Ortho Carolina, Charlotte Radiology and Myers Park OBGYN, so we can get you an appointment in a timely manner when you need care that we can’t provide.

  • We develop and maintain quality medical providers. We believe in doing what it takes and creating a work environment that is conducive to keeping around our top-north medical providers. This also leads to low turnover and a long-tenured staff, which means that you’ll continue to encounter the same care-givers at our AFC facility, making it easier for you to feel comfortable while receiving the quality health care you deserve.

  • We always have a doctor available virtually. While it is true that we don’t always have a doctor on-site, you’ll always be able to speak to one, even if it’s virtually. This isn’t the case for most urgent care centers in our area.

Not only are we passionate about providing top-quality care, but we are just as passionate about the Hornets as you are! Stop by our AFC center if you have any non-emergency medical needs.