What's the Best Way to Exercise During the Pandemic?

The coronavirus has made everything complicated this year as what used to be normal is anything but. If you used to be an avid exerciser and gym-goer, your normal exercise routine has likely been thrown off.

No matter how complicated this year has been, though, there are still ways to get the exercise that you want and need! Our team at AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte explains how below.

Why Should I Exercise?

Exercise is one of the best ways to keep your whole body healthy. Increasing your heart rate and moving your body, among many things, improves your heart health, helps you lose weight, boosts mental health and keeps your muscles and bones strong.

Exercise also decreases your chances of contracting certain diseases including obesity, Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure.

Other Exercises Benefits

  • Helps you have younger, healthier-looking skin
  • Improves your energy levels
  • Boosts your mood
  • Can provide relief from chronic pain

How Should I Exercise This Year?

It’s important to take social distancing into account when planning to exercise. If you are an avid gym-goer, contact your local gym to find out what kinds of health precautions they are taking before you attend. Going to the gym is great, but it’s also considered a high-risk activity.

If you don’t usually go to the gym, exercises like home workouts, yoga, hiking, biking and walking are all great to practice. Countless online resources can walk you through intense or moderate workouts and can provide good walking, hiking and biking plans. Don’t let this year’s bad mojo keep you from getting the exercise you need!

Ways to Stay Motivated to Exercise

  • Invest in some good workout gear and clothes.
  • Stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Join or start an online workout group.
  • Reward yourself when you meet your exercise goals!

We hope you are finding some convenient ways to stay active this year! Visit us at AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte if you or a family member is ever in need of some medical care.