Where Can I Go to Get an STD Test?

Sexually transmitted diseases, or STDS, are a common diagnosis for many Americans every year. They are common enough that we offer STD testing right in our urgent care clinic. One in five people experience an STD in any given year, so it is crucial to have easy access to testing in the United States.

Your sexual health is integral to your overall physical health, so it is important to get tested often to catch an STD right away. If you know which STD you have contracted, you are able to take the appropriate steps to reduce your symptoms and overcome the infection.

It will also help reduce the risk of transferring the STD to your partner. Come see us at AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte to get tested and obtain a treatment plan, if needed.

Why Is It Necessary to Get an STD Test?

Some STDs don’t produce any symptoms, so you could silently be passing a dangerous STD around without even knowing you are doing so. This is why it is important to get tested before you enter into a new relationship or change partners, even if you feel fine.

Obtaining a test is as simple as dropping by our clinic for a visit. We offer a wide variety of testing options that can detect over 20 different kinds of STDs. Call us for the complete list of STDs that we test for, but below are the most common ones that we test for and treat in-house.

Common STD Tests at AFC

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • Trichomoniasis

Would Anything Bad Happen If I Ignore an STD?

There is always the possibility of developing complications from an STD if you ignore your symptoms in the hope that it goes away. An untreated infection can cause infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease, bladder health issues and pregnancy complications. Those serious troubles can easily be avoided by coming to see us for an easy STD test.

We fully understand that your sexual health can be a sensitive topic, but it is important to know that our goal for every patient is to test and treat them with discretion and respect. Your optimal health is our ultimate goal!

Preventing an STD

  • Get tested often.
  • Use a condom during sexual contact.
  • Communicate clearly with your partner about diagnoses.
  • Get vaccinated for hepatitis A, hepatitis B and HPV.

Are you concerned that you contracted an STD? Come get tested at AFC Urgent Care South Charlotte today.